Four Ways Your Online Store Can Stand out in a Sea of Competitors

How can online stores compete with the likes of Amazon? If you’re a consumer, where do you first check out a product? On Amazon or Target or Walmart, right? You try to check out how much an item is worth in that eCommerce store. You get a glimpse of how people are rating it. But as someone who owns an online store, how can you position your business as the go-to website of consumers? What will make your online store so special that they would choose it above eCommerce giants?

The first thing you need to understand is the reason consumers are picking Amazon over you. People love freebies, and that’s something they can get from large retail stores, thanks to their partnership with a courier service. But though you are not as big as Amazon yet, there’s no reason you can’t offer free shipping for eligible items and order amount.

Ask yourself this question: what can you offer consumers that big retail stores cannot? What separates you from them? Focus on providing something unique and exclusive only to your store.
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Personalized Service

Your online store can offer personalized customer service. If you are selling clothes, you can appoint a professional stylist who’ll give great advice to your customers. They can ask the stylist what style suits them, depending on their lifestyles and budget. This kind of service is of great value to customers because they usually only encounter this in luxury brands and expensive-looking stores. You can provide this service as part of your company’s commitment.

Niche Products

It’s difficult and almost impossible to compete with bigger brands because they can offer the same items for less the price. Carve a niche for your business. Up the game by improving the products being offered. If you are selling leather handbags, perhaps you can ask a local artist to paint on these bags. Now, they are different from all the others on the market. They are unique. They are a stand-out.

Higher Prices

Sometimes, higher-priced items sell better because they offer exclusivity. You can raise your prices by developing unique variations of the products. Even simply changing the packaging of the product will improve your sales. Your hand-painted handbag can sell for $100 because of the exclusivity of its design and packaging. So the idea that lower-priced products sell better isn’t always true. If you sell a better version of the same product at a higher price, people will want to be associated with it.

Shifting Line of Products

Have at least one or two products that you’ll only offer for a limited time. Fast-food chains do this all the time. They offer time-limited products per season. McDonald’s, for example, offers a differently flavored ice cream during summer. The same goes for other seasons. Whatever your business is, you can bundle products or offer exclusive items for a limited time. This will make consumers want to avail of these items.

Be creative in finding ways to enhance your customer’s experience while browsing your shop. Don’t get stuck with the same old formula others have been using. The way to set your business apart is to offer products and services that other businesses don’t offer.

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