When Moving Should I Drive or Ship My Car?

If you’re deciding about a cross-country move in the near future, you may be asking yourself a very simple question. When I move should I ship my vehicle or drive it. Driving your vehicle yourself may have many difficulties. Think about the option of a breakdown or an accident along the way, lost vacation time while self-driving, mileage buildup, and wear and tear on your vehicle if you self-drive.   Driving for long distance isn’t just a frustration, it also can cause mental and physical harm. The last thing you need is to add pressure to the strain of moving across the country.

There are several factors that can impact your final decision. How much time do you have to make the move? Where, exactly, are you moving and how far is it from your current location? Do you have a financial plan that could possibly limit your selections? How much will it cost to drive the car yourself? Is it too costly to hire a Car Shipping Services company? Which decision is safer for you and for your car? Which route is best etc.?


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Consider the real driving distance to your new location. What is the actual road distance between your current location and your new destination?

Make a map of the zone you will be traveling through – include road condition, traffic info, roadside facilities and rest areas. Compare roads and select the one you might take. Are you going for the safest, shortest or the one with the best facilities? Once you select a route, calculate the total mileage you will have to drive.

After that you need to calculate fuel expenses for the complete trip, tolls cost, travel time and expenses for foods and hotels. Furthermore, remember that you may incur repairs expenses en route. The figures you get will help you make a better decision about the expenditure of driving your car to your new location. 

Most Important is the Budget

When you choose between driving your car and shipping it, money is an important factor.

Cost to ship a Car?

The cost of transport a car cross-country depends on the model, make and the total weight of the car, the insurance you want, the exact distance and the route itself. Auto transport experts say that demand is a major factor as well. When the number of shipping jobs on a specific route rises, so does the price. It is even not unlikely for the price to be changed when going opposite direction on the same route.

Normally, shipping a SUV long distance costs between $800 and $1700, while shipping a Sedan may be cost between $600 and $1,300. Cost can be around $350 more in the summer than in the winter. And, if you decide for an enclosed shipping trailer, that can charge about 55% more than shipping on an open-air trailer.

If you want an urgent delivery date, you may have to pay more. Having your vehicle transported on a big multi-carrier will be less expensive. Compare your car delivery options and select the one that best suits your requirements and your financial plan. Mostly, having your vehicle transported on an open air trailer is the economical way to ship a car.

Cost If self-drive my car?

Gasoline costs are not the only cost you will incur if you select to drive to your new destination. You will also have to pay for parking and road tolls, hotels and foods. It will pay off to plan ahead your stops. Research eating options en route and hotels, too. If you can stay over at a relative’s or friend’s home, you will save some cash and at the same time enjoy a good company.

Keep in mind that you will have to inspect your car before the trip. Plus, do not ignore possibilities such as getting a flat tire, requiring a towing service, or having an accident. Also, consider the cost of wear and tear on your car as a few thousand miles will place a lot of strain on your vehicle.

You may hire an expert driver and that will charge you more than driving it yourself, but you will save effort and time. Remember that it is difficult to find a professional and trustworthy long distance driver. You will also have to incur extra travel expenditures. Again, you will still be putting wear and tear on your car.


We understand that you want to ship your car in the safest and most inexpensive way possible. Convenience is another intention as to why you should ship your car vs. self-drive.Our Car Delivery Services will ship your vehicle to any location. Your car will reach in the same condition as it was before the move. You won’t need to think about traffic, road condition, or accommodation.

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