Richest Nascar drivers

NASCAR has made some people acquire huge sums of money within the shortest time. It’s one of the sporting events which is highly rated after the NFL. The game is highly dangerous and drivers to highly skilled. Despite the dangers that come with the sport, it’s highly lucrative and entices many drivers. Drivers who have won in the race get massive prizes, and many of them have become richer than a lottery winner. Stay tuned to find some of the people who have been successful through the sport and how much they’re worth.

Jeff Gordon-$150 million 

Known as the driver of No. 24 Chevrolet, Jeff Gordon is currently working as a Fox NASCAR announcer. Jeff developed his skills aged four when his stepfather bought him a BMX bike. Realizing his passion at that age, Jeff pursued it to become one of the most NASCAR personalities. Many who don’t know him as a NASCAR personality have come across Jeff through popular culture in the US. You’re likely to get his image in magazines, Cartoons, and match shows. Jeff’s shrewd business knowledge has seen him amass wealth worth $150 million.

American Muscle

Jimmie Johnson-$120 million

Recognized as one of the most successful NASCAR personalities across the globe, Jimmie has a massive fortune worth $120 million. From the age of 4, Jimmie realized his race driving passion and started nurturing it. After high school, Jimmie kept practicing through off-road series. He entered NASCAR with top-notch racing skills, which made him successful in almost all the events that he participated in. Jimmie’s NASCAR celebrity status has seen him venture into other popular culture events like cameos in telly shows, music videos, and video games. Jimmie also participates in charitable events through his Jimmie Johnson Foundation.

Ken Shrader-$75

Apart from being a NASCAR veteran, Ken Shrader also participates in other events such as ARCA Series and Eldora Speedway. At age 61, Ken is still active in the racing game. Having begun his career in the 1980s, Ken has recorded a lot of successes in the sport. Apart from being a successful sporting personality, Ken has ventured into other business activities. For instance, he’s the owner of s-155 Raceway and partly owns Macon Speedway.

Denny Hamlin-$30 million

Hamlin started out his career at seven by practicing with go-karts. From this humble background, Hamlin has become a successful personality in driving race cars. He’s won a number of series including MKA Manufacturer’s Cup in 1997 and Nextel Cup Series.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.-$300 million 

Dale’s determination and the legacy by his father have helped to succeed in car racing events. Although specific events may overwhelm some people, the demise of Dale’s father through a crash humbled him and motivated him to work hard. He’s been recognized as NASCAR’s ‘Most Popular Driver.’ He’s celebrated globally as one of the most successful athletes and an astute businessman. For instance, Dale owns racetracks, which is a media production firm, has auto dealerships, and owns a bar.


This blog captures notable personalities who’ve acquired massive fortune out of NASCAR. Although many people may shy away from the sport due to its potential dangers, those who’ve taken the risk have become millionaires.

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