Robert Yates Racing and Roush Fenway Racing…A similar Decline?

The 2015 season is over and Kyle Busch is the champion for this year. It was a tremendous fête, missing 11 races and still winning five races and coming home the champ. Congratulations to Kyle, but something very troubling is going on in the sport. It’s almost like we turned back the clock to 2006.

NASCAR Must Do Something on Tuesday

What I saw at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday made me sick to my stomach. It ruined what otherwise was a good weekend at the track, the marvelous speedway that should be a blueprint for what racing should be. Everyone knows the story by now. Matt Kenseth decided to retaliate and knock the leader out of the race—on purpose. You may say I can’t prove that, but actions speak louder than words.

Talladega Lived Up To Its Strange Past

The championship playoff known as the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup has had more turns that a West Virginia mountain, but Sunday’s 500 at Talladega Superspeedway took the cake.

My How Times Have Changed — Logano and the Chase

"If it comes down to Homestead and he is one of the four and maybe somebody else isn't, they ain't going to make it easy on him," Kenseth crew chief Jason Ratcliff said. "Are they going to wreck him? No. I don't think anybody would do that. It's just uncalled for regardless of the situation.

RIP Buddy Baker

I awoke this morning to a great shock when I learned that Buddy Baker had passed on so swiftly. It was only about six weeks ago when I heard Buddy had inoperable cancer and would be leaving his Sirius Satellite Radio program he co-hosted with Brad Gillie.

Why the Scream for More Road and Dirt?

It is a big week for NASCAR. First we had Eldora and over the weekend Indianapolis. I guess I’m pondering the great love affair with a truck race on dirt and the revival of the road race. Once upon a time, the fan base hated road courses and didn’t acknowledge dirt tracks because they were “minor league.”

New Packages for NASCAR? I’m Impressed.

From my eyes, it appeared that the racing at Kentucky was better than the previous races at the Sparta, Kentucky track. The statistics bear that out and the eye test was overwhelmingly positive. Drivers loved it and all the slipping and sliding was entertaining to most fans.

Why I Hold My Breath at Talladega

Everyone is excited about Talladega. Well, everyone but me. Put me in the David Poole camp that basically believes that there is no racing going on there, only holding on and hoping for the best.

Martinsville – A Love Affair With a Track

It is common for this writer to say I love Martinsville Speedway. Some say it’s because my home is only 150 (give or take) miles from the speedway. Some try to get into my mind and say it’s because it was the first speedway I ever visited, but the truth of the matter is that little paper clip-shaped track is exactly how the whole phenomenon we now call NASCAR started.

Not Much Has Changed in 2015

Despite the wringing of hands and the nervous comments of many in fan forums, not much ever changes in NASCAR. The teams with great funding always rise to the top. That’s been the case since people began racing cars.