The Final Word – The day the dream machine became Kyle’s nightmare

So, what did we learn from Kansas? Well, we learned that Kyle Busch and David Reutimann won't be exchanging hugs anytime soon.

The Final Word – Monaco, and Indy, and Charlotte, Oh My!

It was the biggest day in motorsports, starting with the streets of Monaco, where they have been racing since 1929. Then, to Indianapolis, where they have been logging 500 miles this time of year since 1911. Finally, the long way home, the World 600 at Charlotte for the boys and girl with fenders.

The Final Word – Pocono was Fun, Fun, Fun for Keselowski as he decides...

Hey, some folks get carried away, as Brad Keselowski was earlier in the week after he lost his brakes during a Road Atlanta test session that tested just how tough the young man was.

The Final Word – To predict the outcome at Dover would have required a...

You settle down to watch a movie, to follow the storyline, even expecting what the outcome might be. Matt Kenseth was to win at Dover, Jimmie Johnson was going to challenge him for the victory, Tony Stewart would have another dud day, and the boy sees dead people.

The Final Word – It was just another whiny ass Saturday night at Bristol

We learned a lot at Bristol on Saturday night. We learned that there might be some bashed fenders. Okay, we already knew that. Kyle Busch learned it as well as anyone else.

The Final Word – Phoenix kind of reminded me of Las Vegas…and Atlanta. How...

The song ends like that every time. Same for NASCAR lately. Kevin Harvick won his third straight, maybe it was even unencumbered but we will have to wait on that. At least he was not the only car featured. Kyle Busch was strong all day and finished second. Chase Elliott was not, yet arrived later on to matter when it mattered to finish third. Not yet a win, but the result sends him back in the right direction. Denny Hamlin was a factor and, to a much lesser degree, so was pole sitter Martin Truex, Jr. as they completed our Top Five.

The Final Word – You would think Phoenix just has to be tamer than...

Okay, just what in sam hill was that? In the end, it was Matt Kenseth being chased by Greg Biffle and Dale Earnhardt Jr coming home, with all appearing to have a shot at the win.

The Final Word – Smoke wins, others just smoked, while Junior even led (briefly)...

We learned that with the palm trees lining the track and the mountains in the background, it can be a picturesque place to watch a race.

The Final Word – Indianapolis had a wild conclusion, and thanks to YouTube I...

It rained. TSN (Canada) pulled out, and the channel I was recording the race on abandoned the effort, presenting instead a few toss away programs. Well, to be fair, I did state before that I do not get all that excited about Indianapolis, and it would seem TSN took my comments to heart. On Sunday, they made like the NASCAR Nazi...and no race for me. I guess I could have watched some soccer but, as most folks know, soccer is not really a sport. Not like poker is, anyway.

The Final Word – Watkins Glen was a Seinfeld event…a race all about nothing

It was, for the most part, a race about nothing. This is not to say that Watkins Glen was boring, for it was actually one of those pleasant occurrences where we had an event that actually was entertaining enough to keep us watching. The damndest things can happen on a road course, and they did.