The Final Word may belong to Keselowski at Homestead

Well, it is about damn time. NASCAR had a race that actually provided some television entertainment. Yes, you had to go through a few hours of round and round, but you have to admit that it was well worth the wait.

The Final Word – From Bristol, to California, and on to Martinsville the Logano...

Last week I wrote that California wasn't your daddy's NASCAR venue. I was wrong. It turned out to be not only your daddy's but your grandpappy's as well. Both would have loved what they saw, be it from a 1953, 1983, or 2013 perspective.

The Final Word – With one to go, our three contenders look to lay...

Well, we learned that we got ourselves a real Chase for the 2010 Sprint Cup championship that should last until the final lap of next Sunday's finale in Florida.

The Final Word – Bristol was one heck of a race…if you were able...

Rain. That was the theme of the cool, overcast, and often wet event at Bristol last Sunday. Rain delayed things, then stopped it all together for two hours as we sat on lap 125 of 500 for a spell. Often in the past, we have seen the guys who are leading near the start of the race just happen to be the same dudes there at the end.

The Final Word – If happiness is a warm puppy, someone let the dog...

Not everyone is a metrosexual male. There are some rude, uncaring, disrespectful individuals in this world who hide behind the civility of society in a bid to get away with saying or doing whatever they damn well please. There are some who reserve the right to tune in such individuals with a well delivered slap to the head.

The Final Word – Wonderful finish for Tony but what about Mr. Grubb?

The two contenders running just over a second apart, first and second, with the winner of the race the winner of the season. Would an engine blow, a tire go down, a split second lack of focus bounce one off the wall?

The Final Word – Watkins Glen was all about rain, walls, and a man...

Marcos Ambrose has been rolling on NASCAR tracks since 2006 when he arrived as a champion driver from New Zealand.

The Final Word – Phoenix kind of reminded me of Las Vegas…and Atlanta. How...

The song ends like that every time. Same for NASCAR lately. Kevin Harvick won his third straight, maybe it was even unencumbered but we will have to wait on that. At least he was not the only car featured. Kyle Busch was strong all day and finished second. Chase Elliott was not, yet arrived later on to matter when it mattered to finish third. Not yet a win, but the result sends him back in the right direction. Denny Hamlin was a factor and, to a much lesser degree, so was pole sitter Martin Truex, Jr. as they completed our Top Five.

The Final Word – The boy from New Jersey looked real comfortable in his...

Kentucky. I love Kentucky. It is the home of bourbon. It is where Daniel Boone killed himself a b’ar. It is where they run a pretty important horse derby every year. Of course, I pre-tape the thing to avoid the four hours of filler to get at the 3 minutes worth watching. I even once liked its Fried Chicken. Hell, I actually met Col. Sanders once, though I must say that I did not lick his fingers. Just saying.

The Final Word – Here is hoping Chicago can top Richmond’s WatchingPaintDry 400

You know you have a problem when the most exciting action at the track was the shirtless guy parked upon the top of the fence on turn four. Richmond was to excitement what Rusty Wallace is to broadcasting. In fact, I think I broke my fast forward button.