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10 Top Tips for First-Time Motorsports Racers

What if you upset the other racers? What if you crash and burn? These are questions that have run through every first-timer’s mind, but be assured that the motorsports community is a welcoming one. Every competitor has to start somewhere, and the best way to learn the ropes is to turn up and get stuck in, whatever your vehicle of choice.

Six Ways to Bring Your Car Insurance Premium Down

On average, it will cost you a whopping $30k to become a new car owner today. Of course, you can save yourself a lot of money by purchasing a used vehicle rather than going for one that’s fresh out of the showroom. But no matter how much you’re saving on the initial car purchase, you still can’t get away from all the additional costs that come with getting on the road.

CarX Drift Racing 2

That was great news! The popular car racing game, CarX Drift Racing comes back to Play Store with its brand-new sequel. Named CarX Drift Racing 2, it featured as one of the most awaited game sequels of 2019. This one has already reached over 50 million downloads, becoming an instant hit. But what has improved in this new version of the game?

Growing Popularity of Racing Sports

In the world of sports, there are few as competitive and as exciting as racing. It’s an umbrella term for a whole plethora of different sports - and they’re all living up to their potential in their own special way. Take bike racing for example, with its adrenaline filled counterpart being superbike racing. For those interested, it’d be essential to read up on super bike racing rules, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Sauter-Hill Dustup at Iowa Should Lead To Suspension for Sauter

NASCAR is once again in another rock-and-a-hard-place scenario where they could possibly be suspending a driver for a reckless retaliatory move during a caution. NASCAR’s punishments have...

What’s The Best Motorcycle Alarm System?

Any experienced rider knows that when it comes to motorcycle theft, it’s only a matter of time until it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, many riders are going to learn the hard way that using a motorcycle alarm system isn’t optional. Should someone steal your motorcycle, a motorcycle tracker, for instance, is going to worth paying for.

How To Become A Racecar Driver

Being a racecar driver is the dream of many a young boy or girl – the idea of being able to drive fast, win prizes, travel the world, and be a kind of superstar in the eyes of many is an exciting idea. However, as these young racecar fans grow older, they grow out of wanting to drive these amazing cars for a living, and instead focus on what they may feel to be more attainable careers.

Simple Motorsports Betting Markets

The moment cars were invented, people were eager to race while others couldn’t wait to place a bet on their picks. The trend has continued, and in today’s world, motor racing is among the most popular sporting activity. The four-wheeled and two-wheeled motorsports provide incredible entertainment while providing an avenue for punters to pocket cash from their picks.

What you should know about the Racing Post

Racing Post includes daily horse racing and greyhound racing. It also includes sports betting editor, which appears in print form or digitally. The Racing Post newspaper displays the breaking news in the horse racing, and gambling industries.

Go Topless Day® | 12th Annual Worldwide Event

On May 18th, 2019, Jeep clubs and organizations will celebrate Go Topless Day® (GTD), sponsored by ExtremeTerrain (XT), through individual events hosted around the world. This is the perfect chance for Jeepers to join the fun, remove your Wrangler tops, and bask in the sunshine while raising money for a good cause.