How Casinos are Improving Their NASCAR Sponsorship Notoriety

by SM Staff On Fri, Apr. 06, 2018

There was a point a few years back where brick and mortar casino revenue was starting to stagnate in many different markets across the world. It seemed like either the fish weren’t biting or there wasn’t any left in the lake. While there are many reasons that were identified as factors in this decline, including a weak economy, the most influential reason this drought came about was due to the rise in online casinos. Offering players the chance to play on their computers and phones from virtually anywhere. This ate into the customer base of their land-based counterparts.

To make matters even harder online gambling did not just allow players freedom and commodity that land-based casinos could not match, but they could also offer bonus programs that they simply could not match. While land based casinos could only offer their VIP players all sorts of comps, such as free rooms or tickets to shows, online casinos could offer all of their clients deposit bonuses and free plays, as well as different types of assorted promos. This eroded their business even further.

In order to bring back the missing customers, land-based casinos quickly realized they could no longer expect players to just swarm to them like moths to a flame by offering bigger and better slots. Instead, they would have to take a more proactive strategy to entice players back in. To do this, they would need to find a way advertise themselves and reach their clients where they live, a feat that is often complicated by many countries prohibitions on advertising for gambling activities. It was then that casinos realized their best option was to turn to sponsorships.

Sponsorships can come in all shapes and forms: from high profile athletes and teams to small, local businesses, each with a different level of reach, synergy and investment. Most casinos seem to flock to one type of sponsorship deal in particular that was the most natural fit for its services: the sponsorship of sports. This is where NASCAR comes into play.

It’s almost impossible to completely separate sports and gambling and, while there are many opponents to sports betting out there, there are many others that are seeing the benefits. Nowadays, a lot of racetracks are sponsored by casinos, which is a great thing for the racing industry. High profile casinos want their brand associated with top quality, so they’re willing to invest in the venue to keep it in tip top shape (or some would also call it “Tippy Top” shape).

Casinos also sponsor drivers to maintain their cars and to help them afford better equipment and training, which will certainly give the driver’s career a push. This all equates to generating more interest around racing and keeping the sport well-funded.

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Casinos sponsor a whole range of racers and races. NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan has been sponsored by and stood as a spokesperson for several casinos during his career and FireKeepers Casino were the title sponsors of NASCAR last June. Casino sponsorship is more than common in racing and without it the sport probably wouldn’t have the sort of funding that it manages to generate these days. In most cases, sponsorship is beneficial to both parties and can work both ways. The casinos receive publicity and an increase in customers while the funding the racers and venues receive from the casino and the publicity that comes with being associated with a successful establishment can help them improve their equipment and get more butts in seats.

A lot of sport success can be related back to casino sponsorship and now the sporting and gambling industry go hand in hand, lifting the other up when they slip. As the partnership between casinos and racing has continued to reap improved rewards for both parties over the years, the number of casinos offering themselves up as sponsors has grown. While many may still have qualms about the casino industry and gambling in general, it is hard to dispute the positive effect that they have had on NASCAR and sports in general.

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