Jeff Hanley Scores OSCAAR Super Late Model Victory after early race incident

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]Following early race contact between Jeff Hanley and George Wilson, Hanley would have to restart at the rear of the field. However, Hanley would work his way through the field and take the victory.

The incident between Hanley and Wilson continues a chapter of OSCAAR incidents that have happened in the past. In victory lane, Hanley stated that Wilson caused it by coming across his nose and didn’t understand why he was put to back as he did not cause the incident.

“You poke the bear and this is what happens,” Hanley added in victory lane. He also added that he will not be running future OSCAAR races.

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To add to the headlines of the race, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series driver J.R. Fitzpatrick was making his first OSCAAR Super Late Model start driving Roy Passer’s car.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignleft” width=”266″][/media-credit]Following the qualifying heats, Hanley would be awarded the pole ahead of Derrike Tiemersma, Wilson, Rob Clarke, Wayne Issacs, Shawn Chenoweth, Brandon Watson, Fitzpatrick, Glenn Watson, Jesse Kennedy, Kyle Passer, Todd Campbell, Charlie Gallant, Rob Poole, Shane Maginnis, Chris Burrows, Ian Bourque, the 81, Brandon Vanderwel, Tyler Hawn, the 98, Quinn Misener, Jim Bowman, Mike Bricknell and Paul Milligan.

Hanley would grab the early lead over Tiemersma while Wilson battled with Clarke for second. However, their battle would be short lived as the first caution would fly for Bowman going around.

On the restart, Hanley would once again grab the lead, leaving Tiemersma and Wilson to battle for second when there’d be another caution for Vanderwel and Hawn wrecking.

On the restart, Wilson would get alongside Hanley for the lead, however the third caution would then fly for Glenn Watson going around. Campbell also suffered heavy front end damage in the incident and was done for the race.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]So three laps into the 50 lap feature, it’d be Wilson leading Hanley, Clarke, Tiemersma, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, Issac, Brandon Watson, Kennedy, Passer and Poole.

On the restart would be where the contact would take place between Wilson and Hanley, resulting in Wilson making hard contact with the inside wall on the front stretch. Wilson would be done for the event, well Hanley would be sent to the rear of the field. The incident can be viewed at, as videotaped by Justin Jones.

So three laps into the feature, it’d be last year’s Velocity 250 winner Rob Clarke leading Tiemersma, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, Issac, Kennedy, Passer, Poole, Maginnis, Bourque and the 81.

On the restart, Clarke would jump out to the lead while Tiemersma and Fitzpatrick battled for second. Their battle would be short lived as the fifth caution would fly for Misener going for a spin. Under caution, points leader Brandon Watson would come down pit road.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignleft” width=”266″][/media-credit]On the restart, there’d be another caution as Dave Taylor would run into problems. Under caution, Misener and Brandon Watson would both come down pit road.

With only five laps complete in the event, Derrike Tiemersma had grabbed the lead ahead of Rob Clarke on the restart. J.R. Fitzpatrick ran third, followed by Shawn Chenoweth, Jesse Kennedy, Shane Maginnis, Ian Bourque, the 81, Rob Poole and Jeff Hanley.

On the restart, Clarke would grab the lead ahead of Tiemersma, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, Kennedy and Hanley. The top six would run in that order till the seventh caution at lap 17 for the 81 going around. Under caution, Poole would make his way down pit road.

With 33 laps to go, Clarke led Tiemersma, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, Kennedy, Hanley, Maginnis and Bourque.

On the restart, Clarke would continue to lead while Fitzpatrick slipped past Tiemersma for second, with Hanley now up to the fourth position ahead of Kennedy and Chenoweth. Hanley would pass Tiemersma for third on lap 19 just before the eighth caution on lap 19 for Hawn stopping up in turn two. Under caution, Bowman and Hawn would make their way down pit road.

[media-credit id=4 align=”alignright” width=”266″][/media-credit]On the restart, Clarke would lead over Fitzpatrick and Tiemersma while Kennedy and Hanley battled for fourth. Hanley would clear Kennedy for fourth on lap 20 just before the ninth caution for Bourque and Chenoweth wrecking. Under caution, Bourque, Chenoweth, Poole and Tiemersma would make their way down pit road.

With 30 laps to go, it’d be Clarke leading Fitzpatrick, Hanley, Kennedy, Gallant, Brandon Watson, Glenn Watson, Maginnis, Passer and Burrows.

On the restart, Clarke would continue to lead while Fitzpatrick and Hanley battled for second. Hanley would clear Fitzpatrick for second on lap 22.

On lap 24, Clarke would continue leading, now ahead of Hanley, Fitzpatrick, Kennedy and Brandon Watson while Gallant battled with Glenn Watson for sixth. Gallant would pass Glenn Watson for sixth on lap 25.

On lap 33, the yellow flag almost came up when Burrows drove up into the Issacs, though both drivers managed to continue. Poole almost got involved in the incident, slipping past them both, sliding it sideways, though managed to keep it straight and keep going. However, the race would not end without caution as the 10th caution would fly on lap 34 for Burrows stopping on track as a result of the damage.

With 16 laps to go, it’d be Clarke leading Hanley, Fitzpatrick, Kennedy, Brandon Watson, Gallant, Glenn Watson, Chenoweth, Passer, Poole, Maginnis, Tiemersma and Bourque.

On the restart, Hanley would grab the lead from Clarke while Fitzpatrick battled with Kennedy for third. Kennedy would clear Fitzpatrick for third on lap 36. Brandon Watson would try to pass Fitzpatrick for fourth on lap 40, though no dice. Instead, Watson would slip back to the ninth position by lap 42 after being passed by Glenn Watson, Gallant, Chenoweth and Tiemersma. Chenoweth would bump Watson back to 10th on lap 44.

The final stretch would belong to Jeff Hanley as he would take the win in convincing fashion. After the race, Hanley gave the trophy away to a little boy.

Rob Clarke finished second, followed by Jesse Kennedy, J.R. Fitzpatrick and Charlie Gallant.

Glenn Watson finished sixth, followed by Shawn Chenoweth, Glenn Watson, Kyle Passer and Rob Poole.

The top 10 finish for Poole marked the end to a long trying day after breaking a drive shaft in practice. Speaking of Poole, stay tuned to Rob Poole Racing as they may have a NASCAR Canadian Tire Series driver driving the No. 45 car at Kawartha Speedway this Friday due to Poole having to work.

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