Points System Should Not Be Changed For Hamlin

As we all know, Denny Hamlin is still currently out after fracturing his back following a last-lap accident at the Auto Club 500. A point was made by some fans following the crash that when this kind of thing happens, the relief driver should be able to get points that can be then added back into the primary driver’s points for the entire season. For example, Regan Smith’s points when he drove the No.88 for a couple races during Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s concussion would be given back to Jr. in the final total. Jr. still wouldn’t have been in contention for the championship either way.

I’m in an uncomfortable position about this. Jay Hart made the point that these guys are in fact “relief drivers.” But the fact that his idea would allow guys who aren’t driving to obtain points just really bothers me. The driver who races the car should get the points. I think that is the most logical position to take. Does it hurt for Hamlin? Absolutely, but NASCAR can’t afford to have another change like this affect its image. NASCAR already has enough issues with the Chase and its consistency of rulings on and off the race track.

I feel bad that Hamlin was hurt, but at the same time I wasn’t too sympathetic about him spinning out. His words toward Logano after the Food City 500 were off-base and Hamlin didn’t apologize for the wreck necessarily, but he apologized for his interview. Also, I don’t believe Logano tried to wreck Hamlin. I thought Hamlin’s comments in his interview with Marty Smith were also off-base. You guys are out there in Turn 4 going for the win. I think Logano wanted to win that race as well, but he over drove the car trying to get the best of Denny Hamlin and unfortunately it ended in chaos and a sweep of the weekend for Kyle Busch.

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So, I want to see the points system stay the same as it is, but I have spoken about this on many occasions, but I also would like to see the removal of the Chase. NASCAR is not a playoff type of sport.

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