Lap by Lap: Aaron’s 499 won by David Ragan

In a shocking last lap pass, David Ragan would win the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway.


Green flag at Talladega – Edwards and Truex side-by-side for the lead

American Muscle

Lap 2 Truex leads up on the high side ahead of Logano

Lap 4 Truex and Kenseth side-by-side for the lead at the line

Lap 6 Kenseth pulls ahead with the lead as Johnson and Truex are side-by-side for second

Lap 7 Kenseth leads Johnson at the front of the field.

Lap 10 Kenseth leads Johnson Kahne Almirola Mears Bayne Stremme Ambrose Gordon Busch

Lap 20 Kenseth and Johnson lead ahead of Kahne and Gordon

Lap 21 Earnhardt Jr. and Travis Kvapil make contact and both come to pit road with damage

Caution Lap 22 Trevor Bayne goes up in smoke, says it’s the transmission. Landon Cassill gets the lucky dog. Leaders head down pit road while nine drivers stayed out. Those nine drivers pitted the next lap.

Restart lap 29 Kenseth pulls out ahead of the field.

Lap 30 Burton leads at the line on the outside…..Kenseth pulls ahead off of turn two…..

Lap 31 Kenseth and Johnson lead the field

Caution lap 43 Busch hits Kahne, turning him into the outside wall, collecting many others.  Vickers Gordon McMurray Burton Gilliland Biffle Ambrose Mears Stewart Harvick Stremme. Leaders go down pit road. Kenseth leads Johnson off pit road. Seven drivers stay out, including Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Restart lap 52 Kenseth has the advantage ahead of Johnson.

Lap 57 Ryan Newman to the front of the pack ahead of Keselowski and Edwards

Lap 59 Kenseth and Ku Busch both pass Newman for the lead

Lap 63 Kenseth leads Johnson

Lap 74 Kenseth leads Johnson KuBusch Almirola Menard Smith Keselowski Truex Stremme Patrick

Lap 83 Kenseth leads Johnson KuBusch Almirola Menard Keselowski Truex Smith Montoya Stremme

Lap 89 Montoya, Regan Smith and McMurray make their way down pit road.

Lap 90 Kenseth leads Johnson and KuBusch in a nine-car single-file pack. Kenseth leads some of the leaders down pit road – Johnson, Menard, KuBusch, Newman, Patrick, Waltrip, Almirola, Earnhardt. Penske Racing teammates Keselowski and Logano lead

Lap 91 Keselowski and Logano lead the next wave down pit road, handing the lead to David Ragan. Stremme, Edwards, Speed, B. Labonte down pit road.

Lap 92 Ragan heads down pit road, handing the lead to Gordon.

Lap 93 Gordon pits, handing the lead to Mears.

Lap 94 Mears pits, handing the lead back to Kenseth

Lap 101 Kenseth leads Johnson Earnhardt Jr KuBusch Bowyer Truex Waltrip Edwards Almirola Stremme

82 laps to go Kenseth leads Johnson Earnhardt Jr KuBusch Bowyer Truex Waltrip Edwards Almirola Keselowski Logano Newman Stenhouse

73 to go Johnson and Kenseth side-by-side for the lead.

72 to go Johnson now leads single-file ahead of Stenhouse and Edwards.

Lap 120 Johnson gets hung on the bottom; Stenhouse takes the lead with help from Edwards.

Caution Lap 122 Rain is falling. Edwards grabbed the lead from Stenhouse just before the moment of caution. Edwards leads Stenhouse Logano Keselowski Waltrip Bowyer Truex Johnson Earnhardt

Red flag

Caution flag, three hours later. Montoya can’t get car restarted. Leaders head down pit road. Logano leads Edwards Stenhouse Johnson Truex Waltrip off pit road. Eight cars stayed out as Kurt Busch is the new leader. Busch pits the next time by, handing the lead to the 38. The 38 pits, handing the lead to Bobby Labonte. Montoya gets back on track, changed the ECU.

Restart 58 to go Labonte and Gilliland lead the field. Labonte pulls ahead of Smith and Gilliland.

56 to go Gilliland and Labonte side-by-side at the line for the lead

55 to go Logano and Kenseth split Gilliland as Labonte pulls ahead of the field

54 to go Kenseth and Labonte are side-by-side for the lead

53 to go Kenseth leads Edwards as Edwards makes his move through the field

52 to go Kenseth leads Edwards Johnson Waltrip

47 to go Kenseth leads Edwards Johnson Waltrip KuBusch Truex

45 to go Logano has a motor gone south as Kenseth leads Edwards Stenhouse Ambrose

43 to go eight car single car getaway. Kenseth leads Edwards Stenhouse Ambrose Gilliland Johnson KuBusch Waltrip Truex McMurray Earnhardt

30 to go Kenseth and Edwards lead while Johnson and Stenhouse are side-by-side for the lead

29 to go Edwards jumps up high infront of Stenhouse, Kenseth joining him. kenseth is blocking the street.

23 to go Kenseth leads Johnson Waltrip while Truex and Stenhouse are side-by-side

22 to go Leaders hit pit road as Kurt Busch leads Almirola

21 to go Kurt Busch, Ambrose lead the second pack on to pit road. Stenhouse and Truex penalized for being too fast. Ragan leads Patrick.

20 to go Ragan and Patrick pit. Speed leads.

19 to go Speed pits. Almirola leads.

18 to go Almirola and Terry Labonte pit. Johnson leads Waltrip Kenseth

17 to go Waltrip tries to pass Johnson, Waltrip goes to the back of the line. Johnson leads Kenseth.

16 to go Johnson leads Kenseth KuBusch Edwards Bowyer and Waltrip

Caution 14 to go Michael McDowell hits the backstretch wall. Gordon got the lucky dog.

Restart 11 to go Johnson leads the field going into turn one.

9 to go Kenseth and Johnson side-by-side for the lead

8 to go Edwards gets off of Kenseth’s bumper, Johnson pulls back ahead….Johnson goes up to block Kenseth

7 to go Johnson leads three-wide for second…..Smith tries for the lead in turn two, no……Smith tries for the lead in turn three and yes……Kenseth and Johnson split Smith for the lead

Caution 6 to go The Big One strikes again…..Stenhouse tried to squeeze to the outside of Yeley four-wide, collecting Ku Busch, Yeley, Patrick, Newman, Bowyer, McMurray B. Labonte, Stremme, T. Labonte, Gordon, Ambrose

Restart Kenseth pulls ahead Johnson……..Edwards dives to the inside of Kenseth going into three….Edwards clears to the lead with Kenseth behind him off of turn four

Final lap. Edwards leads as Ragan looks underneath Edwards for the lead……….Edwards goes up, Ragan blocks…….avid Ragan takes the win. Gilliland. Edwards. Waltrip. Johnson. Smith. Truex. Kenseth. Speed. Almirola. Gordon. Stremme. Stenhouse. Ambrose. Keselowski. Blaney. Earnhardt. Bowyer. Wise. B. Labonte.

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  1. This isn’t racing. They ought to plow it up. It is insane to tear up millions of dollars worth of cars, endangering drivers, crews and fans, and NA$CAR walk off with millions.


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