Lap by Lap: Party at the Poconos 400 presented by Wal-Mart won by Jimmie Johnson

After suffering a penalty late in the race last week, Jimmie Johnson would bounce back this week, dominating at Pocono Raceway.


Green flag

American Muscle

Lap 1 Edwards leads into turn one ahead of Kenseth

Lap 2 Kasey Kahne is off the pace and on to pit road

Lap 3 Johnson moves into second behind Edwards

Lap 4 Edwards leads Johnson Kenseth Earnhardt Bowyer Ky Busch Harvick Keselowski Almirola Menard

Lap 6 Earnhardt Jr. passes Kenseth for third

Lap 10 Johnson passes Edwards for the lead

Lap 12 Johnson leads Edwards, Earnhardt, Harvick, Kenseth, Keselowski, Ky Busch, Bowyer, Almirola, Ku Busch

Lap 15 Ky Busch passes Keselowski, Ku Busch passes Bowyer and Almirola

Lap 16 Almirola passes Bowyer

Lap 17 Johnson leads Edwards Earnhardt Harvick Kenseth Ky Busch Keselowski Ku Busch Almirola Bowyer

Lap 20 Stewart passes Bowyer for 10th

Lap 21 Stewart passes Almirola for ninth

Lap 23 Keselowski passes Ky Busch

Lap 24 Johnson leads Edwards Earnhardt Harvick Kenseth Keselowski Ky Busch Ku Busch Stewart Almirola

Lap 26 Pit stops begin as many drivers hit pit road

Lap 27 Johnson makes his way down pit road from the lead, followed by his teammate Earnhardt. Keselowski to the race lead

Lap 28 Gordon and Logano to pit road

Lap 29 Keselowski and Patrick pit. McMurray to the lead.

Lap 30 McMurray pits, handing the lead back to Johnson as the cycle completes

Lap 31 Johnson leads Edwards by 3.3 seconds

Lap 45 Johnson leads Edwards Earnhardt Harvick Kenseth Ky Busch Keselowski Ku Busch Stewart Biffle

Lap 51 Johnson leads Edwards Earnhardt Harvick Kenseth Ky Busch Keselowski Ku Busch Stewart Biffle

Lap 55 Truex, Burton, McMurray and Harvick pit…..Ku Busch, Kenseth and Ky Busch pit

Lap 56 Bowyer, Stewart, J Gordon and Edwards pit

Lap 57 Earnhardt and Hamlin pit

Lap 58 Johnson pits from the lead……Montoya and Patrick also pits as Keselowski leads

Lap 59 Logano, Newman and Keselowski pit. Johnson goes back to the lead

Lap 64 Johnson leads Edwards Earnhardt Harvick Kenseth Keselowski Ku Busch Stewart Ky Busch Biffle

Caution lap 65 debris. Leaders head down pit road. Johnson leads Earnhardt Edwards Kenseth off pit road. Newman stays out so he assumes the lead. Patrick gets the lucky dog.

Restart lap 71 as Newman and Johnson are side-by-sde for the lead. Newman leads off of turn one.

Lap 73 Johnson leads Newman Earnhardt Kenseth Harvick Keselowski Edwards Ky Busch Ku Busch Hamlin

Lap 75 Hamlin passes Ku Busch

Lap 90 Keselowski passes Harvick

Lap 92 Harvick passes Kenseth as Newman makes his scheduled pit stop from second spot

Lap 94 Johnson leads Earnhardt Keselowski Kenseth Harvick Edwards Ky Busch Ku Busch Hamlin Montoya….Truex pits

Lap 98 Logano, Bowyer, Hamlin and Kenseth pit. Kenseth has problems on the left rear.

Lap 99 Ky Busch, Stewart, Harvick, Earnhardt and Keselowski pit

Lap 100 Johnson pits out of the lead. McMurray also pits. Harvick makes a pass thru for being too fast on pit road.

Lap 101 Newman leads Johnson as pit cycle completes itself.

48 laps to go Newman leads Johnson Keselowski Earnhardt Kenseth Ku Busch Hamlin Ky Busch Edwards Montoya

47 laps to go Johnson takes the lead from Newman

45 laps to go Ky Busch passes Hamlin

38 to go Newman pits

Caution lap 123 debris. Dinger gets the lucky dog. Johnson leads Hamlin Earnhardt Keselowski Ky Busch Biffle off pit road. Newman stays out to take over the lead. Edwards pits with one to go, giving up his track position, to top off.

Restart 31 to go as Newman and Johnson are side-by-side for the lead. Johnson leads off of turn one ahead of Newman

30 to go Johnson leads Newman Earnhardt Hamlin Keselowski Kenseth Stewart Ky Busch Biffle Montoya

Caution 28 to go Kenseth and Montoya both go for a spin in the tunnel turn while battling for position. Montoya got loose and got into Kenseth, sending them both around

Restart 24 to go as Newman and Johnson are side-by-side…three wide for the lead briefly with Newman, Earnhardt and Johnson. Johnson pulls ahead off of turn one. Both Keselowski and Stewart get really really loose off of the tunnel turn and both make incredible saves.

23 to go Blaney goes for a spin after contact from Almirola

Restart 19 to go as Johnson and Newman are side-by-side, three-wide for the lead as Earnhardt makes a dive….Johnson leads Earnhardt off of turn one

17 to go Johnson leads Earnhardt Ky Busch Hamlin Newman Biffle Ku Busch Stewart Burton Logano

15 to go Newman passes Hamlin back

Caution 13 to go A.J. Allmendinger has problems – think it’s suspension related

Restart 9 to go teammates Earnhardt and Johnson are side-by-side for the lead going into turn one……Johnson pulls off of turn one

8 to go Johnson leads Earnhardt Ky Busch Biffle Newman Stewart Hamlin……

7 to go caution as Blaney gets into the wall

Restart 4 to go Johnson leads the field into turn one as Biffle and Earnhardt are side-by-side for second. Biffle passes Earnhardt for second

3 to go Johnson leads Biffle Earnhardt Stewart Ky Busch Newman Ku Busch Hamlin Harvick Burton

FL Newman passes Ky Busch out of the tunnel turn. Menard had a tire go down going into turn two.

Jimmie Johnson wins the Party of the Poconos 500. Biffle Earnhardt Stewart Newman Ky Busch Ku Busch Hamlin Harvick Logano Burton Gordon McMurray Montoya.

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