Hot 20 – As they head to Loudon, a half-billion dollar lawsuit leaves me very confused

Nothing like a good old-fashioned hand out to make people feel good. Terrence Cox III and his Diversity Motorsports wants in. They are suing NASCAR, the tracks, even the other teams, in a racial discrimination lawsuit for half a billion dollars.

Oh, what I could do with that kind of cash. Hell, I could run for president if I were only born in the right country. I am not sure what Diversity wants, but it seems they would like to be handed something even the Wood Brothers can not get if a locked in spot is their goal. They are even suing JTG Daugherty, a team former non-Irish NBA player Brad Daugherty has a 10 percent ownership share in.

What is interesting is that the organization appears to be more a sponsorship vehicle than an actual racing team. Since it first appeared earlier in this decade, Diversity has never to my knowledge attempted to enter a single car in any national NASCAR event with anyone…ever. If they have been wronged, I am not sure as to how. So they feel entitled to a spot due to what, exactly?
American Muscle

They claim that comedian Steve Harvey wanted to start a race team, associate it with Diversity Motorsports, but NASCAR said they would never work with a team that included Diversity. Harvey, for one, disagrees with that assertion. In fact, he seems downright upset at the moment, saying he never wanted to start a team, that he just wanted to expose underprivileged youth to NASCAR. When Diversity head Terrence Cox, III talked to Harvey about having young folks protest Coca-Cola, Harvey says he refused to participate. Does any of this make sense to you? I know I am having trouble with it.

Being dragged into this has raised the ire of the comedian. “Now here I come, my ass all over the cover of TMZ and everywhere, talking about how I want a damn race team”, Harvey said on his radio show. “I don’t want no damn race team. I don’t even like fast-ass cars.”

Confused? Me, too. I think I will leave it to the lawyers to figure it all out.

We have enough to deal with just seeing how things might progress in New Hampshire with our Hot 20.

Is there something wrong with the laser inspection system? Who cares, they got the win!

Wants a transformer car; passes tech before the race, turn into a fire-breathing dinosaur after it.

3. KYLE BUSCH – 2046 Pts
Even his winning truck failed inspection at Chicago. Maybe the problem is too much inspecting.

4. DENNY HAMLIN – 2045 Pts
Boasts best average finish in New Hampshire. Seeks best finish period on Sunday.

5. JOEY LOGANO – 2043 Pts
The car was not good enough at Chicago, but the driver was in the end.

6. CHASE ELLIOTT – 2039 Pts
Late caution, lost lead, and chase Truex was all he could do at the end.

7. MATT KENSETH – 2038 Pts
If this visit to Loudon is anything like the last two, hand Matt his pass when it is all over.

8. JIMMIE JOHNSON – 2037 Pts
Got a break Harvick did not get, then needed more brakes and less gas in late pit row stop.

9. CARL EDWARDS – 2032 Pts
Swerving on the cool down lap helps rear toe return to legal limits. Watch Carl. Watch ‘em all.

10. KURT BUSCH – 2031 Pts
When he read that familiar name in the headlines, I wonder if he whispered, “I told you so.”

11. JAMIE MCMURRAY – 2030 Pts
Toured a GM assembly plant last week. Unfortunately, they were not handing out free samples.

12. TONY STEWART – 2028 Pts
Back on Newman’s gift list. The Beatles were right, all you need is love.

13. KEVIN HARVICK – 2027 Pts
Two feet short of the line, Sweet Jesus, two feet short of the line.

14. AUSTIN DILLON – 2027 Pts
Says NASCAR won’t stand drivers who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

15. KYLE LARSON – 2026 Pts
If his owner held his breath, would that make Larson a blue Chip driver? I am truly sorry.

16. CHRIS BUESCHER – 2016 Pts
Penske Fords seem to run good, so why not borrow one from them…or a Studebaker.

17. KASEY KAHNE – 667 Pts
Sitting at the head of the kid’s table.

18. RYAN NEWMAN – 655 Pts
However, sometimes when things get rough and tough, you got to hide your love away.

19. RYAN BLANEY – 613 Pts
Old tires were almost good enough to steal one at Chicago.

20. A.J. ALLMENDINGER – 607 Pts
I still can not get over Mr. Tickles. Maybe his full name is Sam Elliott Tickles. Much better.

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