5 things you didn’t know about the MotoGP

People might be interested in the 5 things you didn’t know about the MotoGP, at least. This is a sport that a lot of people are very passionate about, but it does not have the extensive popularity of a sport like football. However, for the people who do tend to follow Moto GP, some of the facts might be really surprising.

Whether people know a lot about Moto GP riders or not, they might be surprised to learn that a Moto GP rider will often travel at the rate of 100 mph during the actual races. The fact that it’s possible for them to reach speeds like this will shock a lot of people, and it certainly makes for a compelling and potentially dangerous spectacle. The bikes will travel so quickly during the races that they’re going to look like a blur, and people might be blown away by what’s happening.

Some people tend to think that doing any sort of race on a vehicle means that the actual athletes don’t have to worry about their diets as much. After all, they’re not really relying entirely on their muscle power in order to move and in order to get everything done in the first place. However, diet still really does matter when it comes to Moto GP riding.

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A Moto GP rider is not going to want to risk stomach cramps at any point. It still takes energy to conduct a race like that. The wrong meal is going to be a source of stress and not a proper source of energy. Prior to the race, a Moto GP rider will typically eat tuna or chicken with brown rice or whole grain pasta. The focus is on lean meat and complex carbohydrates, which is the case for most racers.

If people want to know what it’s actually like on the bikes during the races, they should know that it’s extremely hot. A Moto GP rider will lose a shocking amount of sweat during these sorts of races, and that’s one of the toughest parts of actually being involved with the race. Staying hydrated is probably one of the toughest parts of being a Moto GP rider today.

Lugging around those bikes is going to be just as difficult. A Moto GP bike will weigh around 350 pounds. The overwhelming majority of riders are going to be significantly smaller than that, and the weight of a Moto GP bike can be something of a strain for them. Still, at least these are very solid and effective vehicles that people are really going to be able to enjoy from a distance and nearby.

A Moto GP rider will be just as good on a regular bike. They do this in order to stay in shape. Riding on a regular bike will also help to give them the skills that they need to handle a bike that is traveling at such an alarmingly fast pace. This is a sport that requires a lot of dedication, even though the races seem to be over in a flash.

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