How To Become A Racecar Driver

Being a racecar driver is the dream of many a young boy or girl – the idea of being able to drive fast, win prizes, travel the world, and be a kind of superstar in the eyes of many is an exciting idea. However, as these young racecar fans grow older, they grow out of wanting to drive these amazing cars for a living, and instead focus on what they may feel to be more attainable careers.

This doesn’t need to be the case, of course. If being a racecar driver is a dream that never completely fades away, it is possible – other people do it, after all. There is a lot to consider, though; this is how to get started.

Learn Everything
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Being a racecar driver is not about simply getting behind the wheel of a fast, top of the range supercar and driving it around a track, hoping to beat everyone else. There is more to it than that, and this is why you need to learn everything you can about driving these cars and what it really means to be one of these highly revered drivers before you even slip into the driving seat.

Start by attending as many racing events as you can, in all styles. This might be speedway, stock car racing, Formula 1, or anything else that is taking part. Visit both amateur and professional events and watch the drivers carefully, taking note of exactly how they keep their cool and drive even if the conditions are less than favorable.

It is likely you will develop a passion for a particular style of racing, and you will probably find a driver that you enjoy following more than anyone else. Reach out to this driver with questions; hopefully, they will answer and give you advice.

As well as watching live events, you can watch recordings, read books, research online, and learn about how the cars work as well as how to drive them. All of this knowledge will give you a sound basis for launching your racecar driving career.

Get Financial Backing

Racecar driving is an expensive sport, and you will need a substantial amount of money behind you to really get started. The vehicles cost a lot to begin with, but the training, the traveling, and the mechanical aspects are all extremely expensive. There are a variety of ways to raise the money you need, and it will depend on how much and at which level you are racing as to which option will suit you. Firstly, you can apply for a personal loan from Bonsai Finance to help you get started. This should be enough for any beginner. Alternatively, you can use any savings you might have.

When you reach the higher levels and you need a lot more money, many amateur drivers who want to turn professional will look for sponsorship. Sponsorship means that you will have the backing of a team and that they will pay for as much of your career as possible in return for a cut of the profits.

Start Small

Once you feel ready to take the first step and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, the best place to start is with go-karts. These are not just for kids; there are some hugely powerful go-karts available that can travel at high speeds and they are the ideal place for someone interesting in becoming a racecar driver to make a start. You will learn how to handle a fast-moving vehicle, and you’ll get to know what it’s like to drive on the racing track in different conditions.

The reason that many people start with go-karts is that it is easy and much less expensive than racing cars. If there is a go-kart track near to you (or even within driving distance), then you can simply book a session and get out on the track with no experience at all. Go-karts will help you to get an idea of whether or not you enjoy the high speeds that you will be driving it too.

Take Lessons

When you are ready to move onto the next step, it is a good idea to book a series of racecar driving lessons. Driving a racing car is not the same as driving your normal vehicle on standard roads, and there are many different techniques to learn. You should have a sound understanding of what these are through your research, but actually using them in the right way at the right time is a different matter, which is why sitting with a tutor can help you immensely.

The other good thing about taking lessons like this is that you will be able to meet other enthusiasts. Networking is an important part of racecar driving, and it is through these people that you might meet your next sponsor, or discover more about the sport itself and the opportunities that are presented to you.

Invest In A Vehicle

If you are truly serious about being a racecar driver you will need to invest in a vehicle to race in. You can start with an older model of car as these will be less expensive; remember, though, that the older the car the more is likely to go wrong with it, and knowing a good mechanic or understanding how to fix such a vehicle yourself is going to be hugely important.

This is where the money you have borrowed or been loaned from a sponsor will start to really be used, and although the price of these cars is high, you can’t be a racecar driver without one, so it does need to be done.

Join A Professional Organization

There are many different professional organizations that you can join when you are absolutely sure that you want to be a racecar driver. One example is the Sports Car Club of America. Being part of one of these groups means that you will have access to many more resources and you’ll be the first to know about racing opportunities that will be ideal for you. You can also meet with other drivers and share your tips and advice between one another, making each of you that little bit better than you were before.

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