Tips on Finding the Right Conveyor Roller For Your Business

We get asked all manner of questions here at Fun Advice and recently we have received a request for help from a manufacturing company owner, about how to go about finding the best conveyor roller for their needs. We reached out to the team at to give us some assistance with this one and here are their tips on how you can get the perfect conveyor roller for your needs.


The first thing that you need to think about is what kind of load the conveyor roller will be carrying as this will give you the best indication as to what kind of product you need to be looking out for. Gravity rollers for example are the perfect choice if the load will involve firm, flat-bottom products such as totes, cartons and drums. Understanding load type is key to getting the right choice.

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The speed of the rollers will also be a key feature to consider, a factory setting for example may require rollers which move at high speed in order to get the load from A to B with efficiency. On the other hand if you require rollers for a store then the last thing that you want is the customer risking life and limb with a high speed roller, so a slower moving product may be the best choice.


In most cases you very much get what you pay for and if you are looking for a highly durable piece of kit then you may need to invest slightly more. Aluminum rollers for example are light and easy to install, although you may not get a long lifespan from this material. Steel rollers are far more durable and can deal with weighty loads with ease, the sturdy material of steel also ensures longevity but it is slightly more expensive that the aluminum option. Alternatively you could go all out and invest in a roller made from both steel and aluminum which offers a low cost option which provides longer life.


Once you know which rollers you need it is time to start thinking about size and the specifications which you want for your conveyor. Both the size of the load and the loading conditions ought to be considered here and you need to ensure that the dimensions are right for the bulk which it will carry. With regards to loading conditions if the roller will see heavy impact during loading then larger tubing will be required on the roller.

Roller Conditions

Finally you should consider the roller conditions and whether you require high or low rollers for your business. Another consideration is whether or not you will need to tweak the rollers depending on how you plan to use them as the rule of thumb suggests that 3 rollers should always be in contact with the load. If you are limited for space and this doesn’t allow movement or re-spacing of the rollers then you may need to alter your specifications.

With these tips you can ensure that you get the right roller for your needs.

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