Ford Performance NASCAR: Kansas 2 (Chase Briscoe’s 3rd Place Leads Ford at Kansas Xfinity Race)

Ford Performance Notes and Quote
NASCAR Xfinity Series (NXS)
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Kansas Lottery 300 | NXS RACE RESULTS/QUOTES

3rd – Chase Briscoe (P)
11th – Cole Custer (P)
25th – Austin Cindric (P)

CHASE BRISCOE, No. 98 Ford Performance Mustang (Finished 3rd)
American Muscle

WHAT HAPPENED WITH THAT LAP CAR IN FRONT OF YOU? “I still haven’t seen a replay. It is frustrating even without that lap car, just in general. I totally understand lap cars are obviously off the pace and that makes it tough for them. At this place, the fast guys are running the top and there were a lot of guys that would run the top in front of you. I feel like the regular season is still a bit deal but not as big a deal. We are literally racing for our lives trying to lock into a championship. I haven’t seen the replay so it is hard to say. I know I got tagged in the left rear by Bell but at the same time it felt like the 0 car was going to put me in the fence regardless. These last three races I feel like we have been the car to beat and all three slipped away due to stuff out of our control. It is encouraging that we finished third but we should be locked into Homestead and instead we are two points back.”

SMITHLEY SAID HIS SPOTTER DIDN’T TELL HIM YOU GUYS WERE THERE: “That makes it a little bit worse I guess. I feel like he should have general awareness of what is going on. I totally get where he is coming from. It is tough in those situations. I don’t know. I don’t want to comment on it because I have not been in his position, so I am sure it is tough but it is frustrating to say the least on my end. We go from 15 to go thinking we are going to win the race and lock into Homestead and then you are two points back. It is frustrating. I am sure he will reach out and I appreciate that, but it doesn’t much help the fact.”

COLE CUSTER, No. 00 Production Alliance Group Ford (Finished 11th)

“We were really fast. I wish we could have had an easier day. We had a really fast car and could have competed for a win but a lot of things went wrong.”

WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE RACE? “We went through one and two there and Reddick couldn’t hold his car on the bottom and washed us up into the fence. I just wasn’t very happy with it and was just going to tell him that and he went berserk on me. I guess that is part of it. I just wasn’t very happy with it. He just said, ‘Don’t touch me,’ then he started grabbing on me.”

YOU HAVEN’T HAD ISSUES WITH HIM BEFORE HAVE YOU? “No, I haven’t had any issuez with Tyler before but we haven’t had to race each other like that I guess before.”

WILL YOU TRY TO TALK TO HIM AGAIN? “I don’t really know. You don’t really know right now.”

YOU FELT COMFORTABLE GOING UP TO HIM AND TALKING TO HIM OBVIOUSLY: “Yeah, I thought I could just go up and talk to him but he went berserk when I put a hand on him. I wasn’t trying to rough him up. I just put a hand on him.”

DID HE GET ANY HITS ON YOU? “No, everybody just kind of grabbed onto each other as hard as they could.”

THERE WAS A LOT OF CRAZY STUFF ON THE TRACK TOO. WHAT DID YOU MAKE OF ALL OF THAT STUFF? “Everybody wants to make it to Homestead so everyone is going hard for a win, so you are going to have that. I think we had a really fast car, so I am happy about that.”

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 MoneyLion Ford Mustang (Finished 25th)

“We had a loose wheel to start and that definitely didn’t help things. I probably didn’t help compounding issues trying to get back in the stage points. You are trying to race to get laps on other cars to finish 25th. We still have a lot to fight for and I still think we are a championship caliber team and still bringing great race cars to the race track. I have had a bigger hole than 30 points so I will take that and run with it. I am proud of our efforts. Before today our worst finish in the playoffs was third and our worst qualifying position is third. THere is a lot to be said about our team. It is just a matter of going out now and trying to maximize.”

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