5 things to consider before hiring a car for your wedding

Wedding is one of the most important milestones in life, and it is essential to make this day perfect from beginning to end. So both for an extraordinary start to a smooth finish, a car is required. And as it is the BIG day you need a special car for it! Even if you can’t afford to buy it, you can rent it! So when it comes to hiring you will need to go for something that makes the attendees’ eyes pop out and is also convenient and efficient because you are paying extra for it. This becomes another chore and expense in the never-ending wedding list. Any mistake in it can ruin your whole day, so it is better to be safe than sorry by doing thorough research. But as time is usually scarce during wedding preps, we have made things easier for you. We have listed down five essential things to look before you book so that you don’t face any problems:

1. Matching with the theme

 As the day ain’t ordinary, the transport chosen shouldn’t be ordinary as well. It should be special and should also coordinate with all other preparations. So when hiring a car, it is essential to ensure that it matches the theme of the entire wedding. Firstly you should have in mind the car which will suit the event perfectly. From the type of car to the color, condition, size, and décor, everything should be decided pre-hand. For example, if your wedding theme is rustic, then go for a vintage car. These cars are hard to come across, so you have to book for them earliest as possible. But if you are going for a posh wedding, then a limousine should be the right choice, and if you want something adventurous, a Bentley wedding car hire will do the job. The next thing to do is to mention the type clearly to your booking manager. Remember to give the instructions precisely and don’t trust the rentals do things by themselves.

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2. Compare Rental rates and quality:

As the wedding budget is usually tight and there are so many things to spend on, a high rental fare can bring a dent on it. You might want to make a posh entry, but the budget might restrict you or your negligence will leave you disappointed. So it is better to check both the rate and the physical condition of the car before deciding upon it. Secondly, it is better to survey to see which brands offer the least price and best quality. Maybe your dream transport is not as pricey as it seems if you research well. If you don’t have time to visit all the car rental as time is short, then visit the big ones. Usually, renowned car rental services provide top-notch arrangements at the best rates, so it is better to visit them first. This is because they are big names, but they charge less as their overall cost is lower. Their quality is also better as they have expertise in what they do!

3. Check timings:

Not only do you have to have to check the availability of the car on the wedding day but also the time. Delays are not acceptable even by a minute so ensure that you book the car sometime before the initial time to have some margin of safety. These should cover up for last-minute emergencies. The car should arrive before-hand so that you don’t have to wait for it. With all the other preps going on at least transport should give you some relief. Don’t leave it till the last minute and don’t hire for exact hours just to keep the cost down. 

4. Check location and route:

 The car agency should have perfect knowledge of the location and the planned route. It is better if they are a local company as they will know the area well. They will help you charter the best route with the least traffic and more serenity. This will smoothen things further and ensure that your journey towards the next phase of your life becomes the best car ride ever.

5. Check service provisions:

With the car also come other perks such as chauffeur services, drinks, décor, etc. They are not always complimentary and can spike up the overall cost. But they make the journey more memorable, so add them as per your budget. The service options are unlimited, so choose carefully and try to keep your overall journey and your partners comfort in mind.

Final Thoughts

As the wedding is all about creating memories so whether you are rich or not, try to make this day as perfect as possible. Because at the end of the day, these memories will matter and you will cherish them for a lifetime. So why not create them in an unforgettable car. Use the ways above to hire your dream car, at the most reasonable rate, at the right time, with the right services and at the right location!

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