Miscellaneous How Much Does Fender Repair Work Cost?

How Much Does Fender Repair Work Cost?


So, you got yourself in a fender bender, and now you are concerned about the costs. You are wondering if you should tackle the whole procedure of repairing the damage yourself, or just get the help of an auto body shop. Here are the pointers you should remember about fender damage repair and costs.

DIY Fender Bender Repair

There are methods in which car owners can patch up a fender bender themselves. You have to remember though that this process is on the complex side.

One popular DIY method is to plug the dent with a body filler and smooth it down with sandpaper. While this sounds simple in theory, the procedure might entail plenty of hours to accomplish particularly if you have no background in vehicle body repairs. Then again, this method is not for car owners who do not want the inconvenience of spending more than 5 hours repairing their vehicles.

Why Settle for the Help of a Professional?

Before you decide on going all DIY on your precious ride, consider that car experts will often suggest that you take care of the fender damage right away. Fender benders are always dealt with immediately by expert technicians of reputable auto body shops. Auto body shops are just one phone call away and the most reliable ones will always provide a price estimate of the procedure.

In short, leaving the job to the hands of professionals will also prevent such issues from getting worse. Your car is an investment, so investing on the right auto body shop is also essential to make your vehicle’s looks and inner workings last longer.

General Fender Repair Costs

Primarily, small, minor dents and dings repair can cost from $50-$150.00. This is the most basic price estimate though, for there are several factors which contribute to the overall cost of fender bender damage. Cases differ based on these factors.

  • Make, model and year of the car
  • Car color
  • The speed and angle of the collision
  • Insurance
  • Underlying damage
  • Labor costs

The damage wrought by a fender bender can be minor or severe—the latter can lead to either headlight or bumper replacement and at worse, a replacement for the whole fender itself. Extensive check-ups should also be done on the car following the accident in order to determine hidden damages in the car’s system.

The severity of the fender bender and the part or parts affected can also lead to damage underneath it. Remember that these components are often fastened to other parts—these components can take in the force generated during the accident, thus suffering some damage too during the process. Additional damage to other parts of the fender can also result in inflated repair costs.

Why Auto Body Repair Can Be Pricey

Like any other specialized procedure, vehicle body repair requires specific equipment and expertise. These repairs do take some time. Furthermore, labor costs also influence the overall expenses needed to complete fender repairs. Luxury models are also pricier to fix – the technology, finishing procedures and replacement parts used to carry on repairs for such vehicles are always on the costlier side.

Do not take those fender benders in jest and prevent future car troubles. Take the expert advice of a good auto body shop and invest in excellent fender repairs so your car can operate like new again. The staff of Fresno Auto Body will be more than glad to take care of your ride. Touch base with us and we can provide insights for the service you need. For more information about our services including pricing and/or estimates, visit our official website at https://fresnoautobody.com.

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