Safety Tips for Bike Racers

Bike racing is a sport that carries an element of danger. Bike racing looks cool but it is actually much more dangerous than any other form of road racing like bicycle racing or car caring. But taking risks is what makes bike racing more rewarding. Bikers that like to participate in a race are more vulnerable to accidents. However, with proper safety measures and safety gear, bikers can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Here are some safety tips for bike racers when they are playing their vehicles on the road.

Make a helmet Your Best Friend:

Whether you are hitting the road for racing or simply biking, wearing a helmet is a must. A helmet is the most vital safety gear for bike riders. That is because most deaths in road accidents occur due to head injuries. Head injuries are common during road accidents, and particularly bike racers are more vulnerable to injuries. However, having the right helmet is necessary to protect your head from getting injured. If you like to go bike racing more often, invest in a high-end racing helmet. Make sure it fits your head properly. It should not be too tight or too tight for your head. Moreover, the helmet your wear should not bar your vision but should cover most of your head. The bike racers should choose a helmet with a piece that covers their chin as it protects the face from getting in direct contact with the road in case of an accident. The windshield attached to the helmet protects your face from rain, dust, and bugs.

Protect Your Feet:

While riding a bike, you frequently use your feet to shift gears. That is why it is highly essential to wear the right gear for your feet. Use sturdy shoes while riding a bike, especially for bike racing. The right shoes provide the right support and protection to your feet and also, there is less chance of them slipping. Open-toed shoes or flip-flops are not appropriate for bike riding and racing. While riding, the feet of the rider rests near the engine or the exhaust system that tends to get hot after some time. Wearing inappropriate shoes can expose your feet to the engine heat and you may hurt and burn them. Therefore, it is essential to choose the shoes carefully for bike racing.
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Watch For Road Hazards:

While racing, you are driving at a very high speed so you must keep an eye out for potholes, bumps, pebbles, etc. Uneven road surface, wet leaves, pebbles, and sand can cause your bike to slide unexpectedly because a bike has less contact with the ground than a car. So, when you cannot avoid them, slow down the speed as much as possible with minimal to no steering input so that you don’t end up falling or slipping. Approaching the railroad tracks close to a right angle helps reduce the chance of a skid.

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