What is Wrong with Your Car: Diagnosing the Problem

When a car malfunctions, it puts your and your family’s lives in danger.

Your vehicle requires regular maintenance to make sure that every part is working as intended. If not, you have to be able to notice signs that your vehicle needs repairs and replacements.

Blown Head Gasket

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The head gasket is the ringed panel between the cylinder head and engine block that serves as a barrier to prevent the engine fluids from spilling to the cylinders. It is in a unique condition because it is subjected to the heat emanating from the combustion chamber and the cold temperature of the cooling system.

Over time, the head gasket may blow.

To tell if you have a problem with your head gasket, these are the signs to look out for: overheating car, coolant loss, coolant leaking to the oil pan, sweet-smelling smoke, and engine misfire. Get your mechanic to check the head gasket as soon as possible. If it is blown as suspected, do not fret. You can get a Subaru gasket in auto repair shops.

A blown head gasket needs to be taken care of immediately. If left unaddressed, the problem may grow serious. You may damage your vehicle’s catalytic converter or ruin the engine completely.

Needs Tune-Up

A tune-up is a maintenance task that makes sure that your vehicle is running smoothly. Regular tune-ups are necessary to prevent serious issues and extend the life of your car.

Typically, a vehicle needs a tune-up if it stalls often, the engine misfires, the braking system becomes less responsive, and the check engine light is on.

The frequency of tune-up varies from one vehicle to another. You can refer to your owner’s manual for manufacturer recommendation. However, usually, older models are required to undergo tune-ups every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. For newer models, it is 25,000 miles and up.

Time for Alignment

Your wheel’s alignment is one that you should always monitor because your survival depends on it. If your steering wheel is not centered or if it pulls to one side on its own, you need to get an alignment performed by your mechanic.

An alignment is a complicated process that requires a special machine. Each manufacturer usually specifies standard angles for their vehicles. Your mechanic would be able to identify the needs of your vehicle.

Dead Car Battery

You rely on your car battery for a lot of things. It is what jolts your vehicle awake when you turn the ignition. It powers features of your car like the radio; it even charges your phone while you are on the road.

Your car battery’s lifespan ranges from three to five years. After that, it may malfunction and need replacement. Other factors may also influence the longevity of your car’s battery.

Dim headlights, a radio that refuses to turn on, and dome light that does not light up when you open the doors can be signs that your car battery is at the end of its life. However, the most obvious sign is an engine that refuses to start. You can hear the starter motor sputtering when you turn the ignition key, but nothing happens. To know more about car battery you can visit Fast Fix for more details.

As a car owner, you should be able to notice when something is wrong with your vehicle. Being aware of signs of damage and malfunction may save your life one day.

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