The Greatest Classic Cars Ever Made

Since the inception of internal combustion vehicles in 1885, cars were manufactured with pride. Today, many car companies are simply out to make a dollar. There is not a sense of style and dedication with every vehicle as there once was. While that doesn’t apply to all manufacturers, many car companies are not looking to make the next best car. Article prepared by Keith Brais

From the 1930’s to the 1990’s there was a peak in automobile design. The smoothest rides and the loudest engines. Every inch of a vehicle was made with attention and precision. From the light bulbs in the headlights to the wood paneling in the doors; it was all meticulously put together by people who genuinely cared. They were the epitome of cool. From American muscle to Italian speed, classic cars are a gift to us all.

People realize these facts and want to get their hands on a piece of history. Every car made in those 60 years was a work of art. Because of this, the classic car world is now an enormous industry. With auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Mecum, there is a classic car of every shape and size for every person out there. You just have to find it. According to Auto Top Choices, the classic cars available on the market today are valued at more than $120 billion.
American Muscle

Driving on the roads in 2020, are some of the most memorable vintage cars in history. Cars that are meant to be preserved in museums for their beauty. These cars have lasted for generations and look to not be slowing down. Those who were alive when they were made know the ingenuity, patience, and excellence it took to build classic cars. To honor the times of putting heart into every piece of machinery we manufactured, we have put together a list of the best classic cars that have ever been made.

1966 Chevrolet Corvette

The car that has been coined “the most iconic American car ever made”. The Chevrolet Corvette. It’s a testament to American muscle at it’s finest. From 1963 to 1967 Chevrolet released their second generation of Corvettes with an updated look. A look that did not disappoint in the 60’s and still does not disappoint today.

Weighing in with a big-block V8 engine at 425 horsepower, this car is still regarded among classic car junkies. Coated with the vintage red Corvette paint that everyone knows all too well; it is a work of prowess. 

1987 Ferrari F40

The most recent classic car on our list, was designed by Ferrari to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company. The ’87 F40 was the last Ferrari to ever be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. To date, it was the company’s fastest, most powerful, and most expensive car on record.

The F40 came stock with a twin-turbo supercharged V8 engine. The only thing that engine did was become the first legally produced car to break 200 MPH. Though the car signifies the end of the life of Enzo Ferrari, to this day it is one of the most significant supercars ever built.

1967 Porsche 911R

Only 23 of these cars were manufactured, making it one of the rarest on the planet. In 1967, you could not simply walk into a Porsche dealership and buy the 911R like you could the 911S. The 1967 Porsche 911R was built with the lightest fiberglass body the company had ever manufactured. It came stock with 50 more horsepower than its sister car making it a threat in every race.

This German engineered missile was built to compete with the Italians in speed. The R stands for racing and that is exactly what this car did. It is now known as the “grandfather of German racing”.

1955 Ford Thunderbird

In the 1950’s American’s became enamored by European Sports Cars. They were flying onto American streets in droves. Chevrolet designed the Corvette in response to this trend and made one of the greatest sports cars ever. After Corvette stole the show at a New York Auto Auction in the early ‘50s, Ford had to act quickly. They responded by designing their first two-seater in more than 20 years. The 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

In the first ten days of sale in 1955, Ford had 3,500 orders placed for the Thunderbird. They had found a solution. Today, this car is the epitome of American beauty.

1963 Volkswagen Bus

You can almost smell the sunflowers coming out of the windows and see John Lennon and the Beatles walking out of the doors. The 1963 Volkswagen Bus is a generation of hippies tired of war, designed into a vehicle. Fit with only 53 horsepower, you weren’t going anywhere quickly in the VW bus, but that’s the way people wanted it. The world was in a hurry to get to war, in a hurry to get to their corporate jobs, and in a hurry to get married and have children. This bus symbolized a revolution of mindsets among millions of people across the world.

Today, it is one of the most recognized vintage vehicles on the road. Everybody who knows what a car is, knows the VW Bus.

1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

From a van meant to take the slow road, to one of the meanest machines to ever take the road. The 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback is a pure knockout.

The 1967 GT Fastback is arguably Ford’s crown achievement. The original was built to be a racing machine, but Mufasa was designed to be something more. Mufasa is a custom-built ’67 GT Fastback, widened and lengthened. With a 527-horsepower big-block V8 engine. As if the original was not mean enough, when you see Mufasa on the road, you don’t dare look away.

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Enzo Ferrari claimed that the 1961 Jaguar E-Type was “the most beautiful car ever made”. To get a nod from a competitor like that, means this car is different. It is the only British made car on our list, but it is the quintessence of their engineering. Able to reach speeds of more than 150 MPH, the Jaguar E-Type was not just for show.

1969 Dodge Charger

After the first generation of Dodge Chargers were a hit throughout the nation, Dodge released the second generation of Charger’s in 1968. The next year they made one of the greatest American muscle cars ever assembled.

Made enormously popular by the 1979 movie Dukes of Hazzard, it is now an unmistakable icon. After all the talk that Ford and Chevrolet generated with their muscle cars, Dodge held its own with this beast.

1958 Aston Martin DB4

Thanks to James Bond everybody knows the Aston Martin DB5 even if you didn’t realize it. But before the DB5 was the DB4. It was a thoroughbred in every form of the word. You could drive one for hundreds of miles and be comfortable, but also go win quarter miles at the drag strip. Designed by Tadek Marek, a Polish Racer, the engine was fitted with a 240 horsepower 6 cylinder. Teamed with its lightweight body, it made it an extremely quick vehicle.

1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

Extended specifically to get a Chrysler 426 cubic-inch 7.0-liter Hemi V8 inside, the 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda is another in a line of unbeatable American muscle cars. Originally the Barracuda was manufactured to be a pony car in 1964. A pony car is a classification of American cars that are affordable, compact and look “sporty”.

By 1970, Plymouth wanted to get rid of the mantra that the Barracuda was a pony car. So, they extended and widened the car, and tossed in a Hemi V8. After that, the car was no longer called the Barracuda by people, it was dubbed the ‘Cuda.

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