What You Should Know When Owning a Mercedes

When you drive a Mercedes, you know you’ve got one of the best cars ever made. While these beauties may drive like a dream, there are certain things a Mercedes owner should know. 

Having some maintenance and upkeep tips in mind will help you keep your car running as long as possible. This knowledge will also help you avoid a lot of hassle and even save some cash in the long run. Read on for a discussion on these factors and how you can incorporate them for your Mercedes’ upkeep:

Where to Locate Hard to Find Mercedes Parts

You should have some reliable websites on hand just in case it’s hard to find Mercedes parts and you need some auto parts for your Mercedes. Parstgeek is one of them. But it would help if you had some backups in mind in case they run low on stock. In any case, having a genuine vendor for Mercedes parts is critical if you want to get the most out of your car. 

American Muscle

How to Jump-start

Jumpstarting a car is a piece of pretty basic knowledge for any car driver. But it takes some special know-how when you’re working with a Mercedes. Several owners have noticed electrical problems after jump-starting their Mercedes-Benz the wrong way. There’s no need to compromise the function of your expensive vehicle. Therefore, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. 

These procedures include keeping the jump box or cables connected for about ten minutes or longer. You can check with an expert for more guidelines. But first, see if you can avoid jumping starting it at all. This practice isn’t good for your Mercedes, so why take a chance? If you have the time and opportunity, go for a trickle charger instead. 

The Right Filter and Oil

The recommended oil interval for most Mercedes-Benz cars is about 10,000 miles. However, this estimation assumes that you’re using the right type of filter and oil in your car. Mobil 1 0W40 is the correct oil for such vehicles. So, don’t try to cut corners on this one. If you do, you’d probably end up paying more for repairs later. 

You should also have a fleece oil filter that can continue for about 10,000 miles. A word of advice here; don’t go for the specials at local auto repair shops. It’s quite unlikely that the right oil or filter would be available there. If you’re not careful about the right equipment, you’d be facing premature wear and harmful sludge buildup in your engine. 

Taking Care of the Battery

The battery is among the most essential components of any car. On a Mercedes-Benz, however, you also must consider the sensitive electronics and equipment installed in the vehicle. If you bought your battery five years ago or even before that, it’s probably time for a change. 

This update is necessary, as the old battery will probably not be able to hold the charge your car needs. You may feel that your car starts fine. But it might start malfunctioning in the middle of the day. If the battery is too old, you risk compromising the system and the control units in a Mercedes. Some errors might even pop up that are seemingly unrelated to the battery; these include limp mode, the SRS light, or Electronic Consumers Switched off. 

You can save a fair bit of money and worry by getting a replacement battery every five years. They’re easily available online if you don’t want to bear the extra cost from the dealer. 

Knowing Why the Check Engine Light Comes ‘On’

As a Mercedes owner, it’s not wise to ignore the check engine light if it turns on. Even if your car is purring along fine, the check engine light is a warning. 

There’s also no need to panic either; get the hang of troubleshooting to rule out the possible causes. You can start by stopping at a local auto part store and asking the staff to read any fault codes from your Mercedes. They might not be able to erase the code. But knowing about them will help you solve the problem. There are also inexpensive code readers that you can purchase. 

Dealing with the Fluids 

You should know about the kinds of replacement fluids your Mercedes requires. What’s even more important is knowing how and when to check the various fluids that are making your car work smoothly. 

We’ve already talked about the importance of the oil filter and engine oil. Other vital fluids in a Mercedes are the antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and coolant. Knowing the location of these components is essential; you should also be aware of how to check if their levels are low.  

The engine oil also needs regular changing, while the engine itself needs a proper airing now and then. The fuel should also be free of contaminants. The fuel and air filters need regular checking as well. Finally, a Mercedes owner also needs to flush out the radiators on a schedule. 

Keeping up with this maintenance is necessary as the heat from the car and the environment can both degrade the car’s fluids. If you neglect this part of owning and operating a Mercedes, you’ll be risking damage to your braking, sterling, and transmission systems. 

Synchronizing the Window and Sunroof

If your battery dies or you’ve just gotten a new one, your windows and sunroof will probably stop working with the one-touch operation. This is frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be permanent. 

You can try re-synchronizing your sunroof, and windows. Roll up the windows to the very top and continue pressing the switch that operates them. You should hear a clicking sound after about five seconds. Repeat this for the sunroof and you’ll have your smooth, one-touch operation back in no time!

The  Final Takeaway

Owning a Mercedes-Benz might boost your confidence and status. But it’s also a huge responsibility. Basic maintenance is an absolute must when you have such a gorgeous vehicle on your hands. So, don’t fall short on any of the points above. Since these cars have such superb engineering, their longevity is impressive if you know what to do. Look at your Mercedes today and see what you can do to extend its service life!

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