Best Rental Cars for Traveling in Style

When it is time to take a trip, why not do it in style?  Whether one is traveling for business or pleasure, style is always something to be considered.  Whatever the need, no matter the number of people, there is a perfect match for the driver and car.

But where does one start?  Check out this recommended list of cars best suited for those who want to make an impression on the people they meet along the road.  People want to travel in comfort and style.  There is no reason why a traveler in these modern times cannot have both.

What Is a Luxury Rental Vehicle?

A luxury car is one that provides comfort within the vehicle’s cabin while also conveying a level of style and high design for both the interior and exterior.  These are vehicles in which the driver wishes to cruise and enjoy the ride.  Luxury cars are not meant for speeding down a highway.

American Muscle

Mercedes-Benz S Class

Mercedes provides an entire car experience with design, performance, and style.  The S Class vehicles, especially the 2021 models have taken an already gorgeous, luxury car and made it even better.  In a technology-driven world, the S Class models embrace technology so whether someone is traveling for business or pleasure, they are never disconnected.

The technology is very real and very up-to-date.  The S Class can also come with not only touchscreens for the front driver and passenger but also rear screens.  Whether everyone is traveling for an adult getaway or as the whole family, every person in the vehicle can truly travel in comfort and style.

Just because the S Class Mercedes are luxury vehicles that provide comfort and space for the traveler, it does not mean this car is meant for only a casual Sunday drive.  Getting around 26 MPG on the highway means the traveler will not need to make stops at every gas station along the travel route.  Be on the lookout for possible plug-in models in the upcoming future.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

What about renting a brand new crossover new to 2021?  The Mercedes-Benz EQC provides the luxury of the Mercedes brand with a zero-emission focus.  For the traveler who seeks style and is eco-conscious, this could be a perfect rental pairing. 

This model provides the renter with a smooth, quiet ride while looking good.  For those short on time, a fast charge can refuel the battery in just four hours.  While the driver rests and recharges, the vehicle can do the same thing: resting up for yet more of travel and adventure.

A sleek, round, shiny design, coupled with a comfortable interior filled with technology for everyone in the car makes for the perfect luxury rental.  Have electric crossovers ever looked so good?  Not since the 2021 Mercedes EQC.

Audi A8

For the person looking for a simple, yet elegant rental car, the Audi A8 may just be the one.  The outside has an understated beauty and design.  However, that should not deter the renter from checking the inside.

The interior can be fitted with massaging seats for both front and rear travelers.  Being in the backseat does not mean one’s legs will be cramped.  The interior design of this sedan provides ample legroom for rear passengers.  

Long road trips do not mean the traveler needs to sacrifice luxury and comfort.  In addition, because a tech-savvy traveler appreciates luxury partnered with technology, these vehicles also provide a charging pad for smart devices.  No need to worry about low phone batteries when renting this vehicle.

For a person who wishes to rent a luxury car with an understated, and beautiful design, the Audi A8 makes for an excellent choice.  It does not scream an over-the-top message the driver is all about luxury; rather it gives other passing drivers an acknowledging nod of style and comfort.  Renting this vehicle gives the riders amazing amenities without an understated, sleek design.

BMW 3 Series

For the renter looking to go out alone or with a partner, the luxury 3 Series by BMW can pack luxury in a smaller package.  This car can get great gas mileage and look good doing it.  Getting up to 33 MPG on the highway can get someone who wants to travel far without making a lot of stops to fill up the tank.

The interior is luxurious but is not obnoxious.  The technology is up-to-date with touchscreens and even hand-gesture recognition in which by the wave of a finger, the radio volume may be adjusted.  

Do not forget the voice-recognition as well.  Safety and technology blend well together in the 3 Series for the person traveling who does not want to miss the views along the road while also maintaining a connection through technology.

There is ample room in the 3 Series, but there is also a lot of trunk space for all of the luggage the travelers need.  There is no need to pack things in the back seat when the trunk is so large.  When renting this car, size does not mean you are losing style and luxury.

Rent Smart, Rent Luxury

Renting a vehicle does not mean you need to rent a family van or a basic car.  With the high-end, luxurious vehicles available today, the time could not be better to rent a luxury car.    The renter clearly can have both style and functionality – one does not need to be sacrificed.

In the 21st century, there is a wide variety of luxury vehicles to choose from when it comes to renting.  Different people require different amenities, technology, style, and design.  Renting a luxury vehicle allows a renter to go with a classic, well-known luxury vehicle or try something new one would normally not drive.

By renting a luxury vehicle, one gets all the benefits and style of a high-end mode of transportation without needing to constantly care for it.  Whether someone is taking a weekend trip or an excursion that will take someone across the country, people can have fun, travel in style, and maintain the comfort and dependability of today’s technologies.  

Rent smart, and reserve a luxury vehicle for the ultimate getaway transportation! 

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