How NASCAR Cars Are Maintained

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) Cup Series is one of America’s top 10 sporting events, with the Daytona 500 attracting more than 7 million viewers this year. The stockcars that participate in racing are built for speed and optimal performance. They must be well-maintained, with engineers and mechanics working on them round the clock to ensure that the cars are ready for the racing events. Let’s take a look at what and who’s involved in keeping these vehicles in a great shape to win the contest.

An Entire Crew Is Responsible For Maintenance

Any vehicle requires maintenance to keep it running smoothly, including NASCAR racing cars that are being tested on the track every week. It takes more than one person to maintain the car in excellent condition. An entire crew is deployed to look after a racing car, and each member has an important job to ensure that the vehicles are running optimally. The crew is headed by a crew chief who is responsible for everything concerning the vehicle and manages the rest of the team. Underneath the crew chiefs are specialized engineers and mechanics who work on the vehicle and tweak it to suit a specific race track.  

American Muscle

The team works on the car several days a week. One person may oversee the interior of the car, and sees to it that the temperature inside is comfortable. Since temps can reach up to 150 degrees, it is critical that the driving cooling system works. The driver’s seat is also checked, molding it to the body of the driver for safety, and keeping them in place and preventing them from being thrown around in the event of a crash.

Engine Specialist

One of the most important people on the team is the engine specialist or tuner, who ensures that the engine runs smoothly. They must be able to diagnose possible problems and anticipate the solutions should they occur during the race. Engine specialists must also do all they can to avoid engine failures during the competition because troubles kill the chance of winning.

They must also find ways to optimize engine performance. For example, engineers must avoid car radiator leaks, which, in turn, can cause coolant loss, increasing the possibility of the engine overheating. The coolant works by removing heat from the engine and diverting the heat through a series of coils. By fixing leaks, engine problems are avoided.

Tires Are Crucial

Tires play a critical role in each race, and multiple people are assigned to ensure that the tires of racing cars are working well. For example, at every pit stop, a ‘jackman’ raises and lowers the car so that the tires can be changed. Two people carry the tires and hand them to the tire changers. All these take place within about five seconds. In addition, there’s also a person who fills the vehicle with fuel, while another will clean the windshield and tend to the driver, handing them a drink or snack.

Racing cars are special vehicles that involve high maintenance. A special crew of engineers, mechanics, and tire specialists, among others, work together with the goal of putting a car on the track worthy of winning the race.

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