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First included in a computer game all the way back in 1985, NASCAR has since gone on to feature prominently in modern games. There have been a whopping 50 computer games with NASCAR as its core element and a further 16 featuring it as a smaller detail within the game. The latest installment, NASCAR Heat 2, provides the most realistic portrayal of exciting and intense motor action to date.

We’ve taken on the difficult task of picking the very best of the NASCAR games from the last 22 years.

American Muscle

The latest edition of the NASCAR game series came out just a couple of months ago and is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Featuring driver Kyle Busch on the front cover, this brand new release features the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and the NASCAR Xfinity Series for the first time since NASCAR 09 was released.

NASCAR Heat 2’s career mode option, which gives players the option to create your own driver and design your own car, puts NASCAR lovers in the driver’s seat and gives them the chance to conquer the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup with their self-designed character.

NASCAR Kart Racing

A lighter hearted and more humorous take on NASCAR racing, this release which hit the market back in 2009 bares comparison to the immensely popular Mario Kart series and is available only on the Nintendo Wii.

The game does bare some comparison to real life, featuring 14 real drivers and 4 real race tracks, but mostly focuses on the funny side of race gaming. Somewhat unsurprisingly unlike actual NASCAR drivers, players are able to throw things at other drivers and drive over boosts to accelerate past other racers in an attempt to secure the number one spot. Whilst not the most realistic of the NASCAR games, it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable.

NASCAR Racing 4

Being one of the older and more retro of the NASCAR games (released back in 2001) does not make this instalment of the series any less enjoyable than Heat 2 or Kart Racing. Available only on the PC, this game puts driving simulation at the very heart of its gameplay and marked a huge step forward from its predecessor.

Including all 21 tracks used in the 2000 Winston Cup, the developers of the game precisely demonstrated what driving an actual race car is like. This edition of NASCAR gaming goes down as an absolute classic and is a must play for all race fans and video game lovers.

Racing slots

NASCAR and other racing games have also inspired many race themed games, read online slot reviews at, games such as Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem which includes 15 paylines and an animation of a jet black car speeding down the street to give you an authentic driving feel

Other racing themed slots such as Good to Go, Mad Dash and Racing for Pinks have also built upon the advancement in race gaming to produce enjoyable, entertaining slots for the NASCAR fan looking to try their luck at winning a healthy sum.

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